ClearX HD Film Treatment
ClearX HD Film Treatment
Targe Industries

ClearX HD Film Treatment

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This 4 ounce bottle of ClearX HD is the same treatment that ships with every Windshield Protection Film kit. This wax based treatment helps to protect the ultra hard top coat on the film, elongating its life by protecting it from weather and windshield wiper damage, helping the wipers glide over the surface. It also helps rain water run off your windshield, improving visibility in inclement weather.


This product can also be used on any untreated Windshield to help rain run off of your windshield during inclement weather.


Note: Three quantity options are available


Use Instruction:

- Thoroughly clean Windshield and allow to dry

- Apply solution across windshield. Approximately 2 ounces should be applied for medium sized windshields, about 1 ounce should be applied for smaller windshields like the Jeep Wrangler

- Spread evenly over windshield with small tack free cloth

- Wait 15 minutes

- Use tack free cloth to remove excess

- Reapply approximately once per month for maximum protection



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