Mercedes Benz G Class Windshield Protection kit
Targe Industries

Mercedes Benz G Class Windshield Protection kit

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Windshield Protection Film kit custom fit to the G Class SUV, aka "G Wagon." Choose 1st gen (2002-2018) or 2nd gen (2019-present).


Read the Installation instructions here prior to ordering.



- Clearplex film, pre-cut and pre-shrunk to fit your windshield

- 4 oz ClearX, good for 3 to 4 applications to seal and protect the film 


- Installation kit. The included installation kit for this model can be seen here.


Not Included:

- Baby Shampoo (needed to create "slip solution" when installing film)

- Spray bottle


Note: Refills of ClearX treatment solution can be found by clicking here.

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