About Us

For millennia, new vistas beckoned and wanderers answered the call, safeguarded by their Targe, a sturdy shield. 

Targe Industries is a family owned and operated business.  When we started reading about more frequent smash-and-grab robberies near where we live in the San Francisco area, we thought we could help prevent that.  

Targe Industries has its genesis in making pre-cut, pre-shrunk vehicle window kits we brand Windshield Gard® from ClearPlex film (clearplex.com), a made in the USA, clear film invented to protect windshields from road debris.  

Peter Jensen, the original president of ClearPlex, started Targe Industries to focus on an easier way to apply the film.  Ed Owens pioneered the methods to mold ClearPlex film on windshields and makes all of the Windshield Gard kits. 

Targe also manufactures Grab Gard® products intended to protect side and back windows from smash n grab thefts. 

Another product initiative is ProtectionProTM produced logo embellished electronic device covers.

Contact us if you have additional questions. Experience what it feels like to be Targe protected. 
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