Grab Gard Installation Process



General practices that are applicable to all vehicle side and rear windows.  


Before you begin, be sure you have all required parts and read all instructions before beginning:

    • Prepare a spray bottle with a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of unscented baby shampoo in 32 oz water. A good example is Johnson’s baby shampoo. 
    • Tack free pad or brush (to clean window before installation). A clean rag with no torn, frayed, or cut edges can be used.
    • Felt-edge Hard Card (provided with kit)
    • Rubbing alcohol (optional, to clean window)
    • Assistant to hold spray bottle (optional)



STEP 1: Clean Window Thoroughly

For the install, a garage free from floating dust is preferred. Driveways may be acceptable, but risks dust becoming trapped under the film during installation. Make sure all tools and your hands are free from any dust or pet hair. Anything trapped under the film will ruin the install.

Use the spray solution and scrub pad to remove all contamination from window. Thoroughly clean the surrounding area at least 12 inches around the window to prevent contamination from dripping onto the window or under the film during installation.

If your window has a ceramic coating or contaminants that can’t be removed with soapy solution, use rubbing alcohol. Prepackaged alcohol wipes must not be used, they will shed small bits of cloth onto the window. Allow alcohol to dry completely, then rewash the window.

STEP 2: Wet Check

To insure you have the correct kit for your window, do a pre-check with the liner still on the film. Wet the back of the Grab Gard and the target window with the spray solution. Position the Grab Gard over the window to verify the fit. 

STEP 3: Remove the liner

In this step, you will peel the backing and expose the adhesive. Once you peel the backing you must complete the install in under 30 minutes. To identify the liner side, our label is on the liner. Spray down the window and the liner side of the film very heavily. Spray your hands, this prevents fingerprints. Begin to peel the liner away from the film, starting at a corner. As you peel, spray the exposed film. Peel carefully, so the film is not creased and nothing touches the adhesive layer of the film. 

STEP 4: Place the film on the window

Carefully place the film onto the very wet/soapy target window where you want to install Grab Gard, adhesive side against the window. The soapy solution should allow you to slip the film to make minor adjustments to ensure the film is placed correctly on the window.

STEP 5: Anchor the film to the window

While continuing to hold the film onto the window, spray the film, your hands, and surrounding area again with the soapy solution. Double check that the film is aligned on glass, then gently use the felt side of the hard card to begin to lock the center of the film in place with 2 or 3 light vertical strokes, starting at the center and moving away to an edge. This should begin to push out air pockets and the soapy solution in the center, locking the center in place on the window. Continue to make a few more passes, increasing pressure slightly.

If you see any contamination is trapped under the film, you can spray, carefully peel back the film, and remove any contamination that was trapped under the film. Then place the film back on the window and start step 5 over.

If you do need to peel up the film to remove contamination, first check that you didn’t accidentally “slip” the film underneath weather stripping. If you attempt to peel up the film while one edge is under weather stripping, it will wrinkle that edge of the film and prevent it from sealing well in the last step.

STEP 6: Drive remaining moisture out from between the film and the glass

Rewet the film with your soapy solution. Using a cross hatch pattern with your hard card, continue to push all moisture out from between the film and the glass, gradually increasing pressure. If the window shifts slightly, shift it back before continuing. The final passes you should be pressing very firmly to remove the last of the moisture.

STEP 7: Seal the Edges

Using the felt side of the hard card, apply pressure to the film pushing moisture out off the edges and corners with long strokes.  Repeat on all edges at least 2 times.  

STEP 8: Advice to Owners of vehicles with Grab Gard newly installed

The adhesive can take up to 48 hours to fully cure and attach to your window. During this time, avoid challenging environments such as rain. Do not take your car through a carwash during this time.

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