Windshield Gard®

Windshield Gard® products are vehicle-specific, pre-cut and molded kits from ClearPlex® film that protect windshields against road hazards such as flying rocks, blowing sand and other dangers.

Applied to the exterior of the vehicle windows, Windshield Gard kits are an easy-to-use product for automotive film installers to protect windshields.

Why you need Windshield Gard®

Helps prevent windshield breakage by absorbing the impact from road debris.

Prevents damage to the windshield caused by wiper abrasion and sun rays.

Protects expensive internal electronics embedded in the windshield.

Provides protection against 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Optically clear.

Faster precipitation run-off providing better visibility.

Helps maintain window integrity in an accident.


Windshield Gard® featuring ClearPlex

Windshield Gard® and Grab Gard® both use ClearPlex film, the world's first and only product available worldwide that effectively protects windshield glass from breaking and other damage. ClearPlex is a single-ply 4-mil polyester film that has a 9H exterior hard coat and a Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. It is used in more than 40 countries every day to protect windshield glass.  ClearPlex film has also been shown to be effective in preventing smash and grab thefts.
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