Windshield Gard

Vehicle Glass Protection

Windshield Gard® products are vehicle-specific, pre-cut and molded kits from ClearPlex® film that protect windshields against road hazards such as flying rocks, blowing sand and other dangers.

Applied to the exterior of the vehicle windows, Windshield Gard kits are an easy-to-use product for automotive film installers to protect windshields.  Windshield Gard kits provide: 

  • Dramatically simplified installation process,
  • Reduced installation time,
  • Improved Installer job satisfaction,
  • Less wasted film,
  • Less customer vehicle damage risk caused by cutting or heat-shrinking mistakes,
  • Happier customers,
  • Increased profits

Using an OEM windshield, our Windshield Gard kits are pre-cut and pre shrunk to fit a specific vehicle model. Each kit is individually inspected in our factory to ensure it precisely fits the factory windshield for that vehicle model.  Since no special training is required, this opens windshield protection film up to shops that previously could not offer that service.

We currently offer pre-cut films for over 170 vehicles and are adding more every day. With the reduced cost and reduced labor of preshrunk kits, it is economical to install windshield protection onto a larger variety of vehicles, not only the most expensive vehicles.


Windshield Gard® featuring ClearPlex

Windshield Gard® and Grab Gard® both use ClearPlex film, the world’s first and only product available worldwide that effectively protects vehicle glass from damage and breaking. ClearPlex is a single-ply 4-mil polyester film that has a 9H exterior hard coat and a Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. It is used in more than 40 countries everyday to protect vehicle glass.


The installation of Windshield Gard kits is best handled by an aftermarket automotive accessories dealer/detailer familiar with such products. If you are currently installing tint film, paint protection film, or are already installing windshield protection film from bulk rolls, this would be a great addition to your shop! With the ease of kit installation, you can sell windshield protection onto a greater number of vehicles, increasing your profit per vehicle. 

Get started and begin offering Windshield Gard® to your clients. Sign up for a Wholesale Account today.

If you are a consumer who is interested in a Windshield Gard kit and do not have a preferred dealer/detailer who can order and install a kit for you, please find an installer here, or send your favorite dealer to our website so they can start protecting your vehicle with Windshield Gard!  

Grab Gard products, on the other hand, can be installed by a vehicle owner as a DIY upgrade.  Current Grab Gard products can be viewed and purchased today.


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