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Side Window Grab Gard Protection

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Pre-cut and pre-shaped kit to cover the side windows on the Tesla Model 3. The film is pre-cut and pre-shaped to fit each of the side windows on your Tesla Model 3. It greatly reduces the chances of a broken window if your vehicle is the target of a smash and grab attempt. See this film in action here.


Explanation of product variants:

"Rear Side Windows" refers to a kit to cover the side windows in the two rear doors, which roll up and down. 

"All Four Side Windows" refers to a kit to cover the side windows in the front and rear doors, which roll up and down. It does not include the small corner windows not on the doors.


It is recommended that you read and understand the installation process prior to ordering.



- One precut and preshaped piece of film to cover each window included in the kit. Each is labeled for which window it is shaped to cover.

- 4 ounce bottle of ClearX window film treatment. This wax based coating protects the  film. It aids in allowing water to run off of the window and also helps to prevent scratching as the windows are rolled up and down. It is recommended to reapply this coating every few months, depending on if it is stored indoors or outdoors and how often you roll your windows up and down

- Written installation instructions with link to video instructions


Not Included:

- Does not cover the rear corner "wing windows." To cover these windows, please see this link.

- Installation kit. The proper installation tools can be found here.

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