Wing Window Kit to Protect Tesla Model 3
Grab Gard kit for Model 3
Targe Industries

Wing Window Kit to Protect Tesla Model 3

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A Grab Gard kit for both rear side wing windows of your Tesla Model 3.

Grab GardTM products are vehicle-specific, pre-cut kits from ClearPlex® film made to be easily installed on the outside of vehicle side windows to protect against smash-and-grab attempts.  

The ClearPlex laminate film is shock absorbing and flexible to readily conform to an exterior surface of a vehicle window while remaining optically transparent. 

Don’t let the thieves win.  Order your Grab Gard product today. 

Kit contents include:

- ClearPlex protective film, pre-cut to match the rear side wing windows of this model. Kit comes with one left and one right

- White Scrub Pad

- Hard Card installation tool

- Install instructions

Not included in the kit:

- Baby shampoo, non-scented ( approx 1 table spoon is required for install)

- Spray bottle

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